March 2007: Hans Krondahl (Born in Brösarp 1929)


Hans Krondahl first wanted to become a painter but changed his mind after some time at Konstfack in Stockholm where he moved from the decorative art department to the department of textile design. During his time at Konstfack he was discovered by Astrid Sampe, director of the department store NK:s Textilkammaren. In 1959 his first textile design called “Spefåglar” was produced. That was the first of a series of successful textile designs for the company NK.

In 1964 Hans Krondahl had the opportunity to travel and study in 

Hans Krondahl
Photo: Lars Hall

Japan for twomonths. This trip became a very important source of inspiration for his designs.

In 1965  he was awarded the prestigious Lunning price. Krondahl has made public art comissions for Statens Konstråd, Rösska museet, Ringhals, Lunds Domkyrka and Försvarets Forskningsanstalt in Linköping.
Since the early 1960´s Hans Krondahl has also worked as a lecturer in Sweden, Norway, USA and Indonesia. In 1988 he became the first professor of textile art in Sweden, at the University of Gothenburgh.


The work of Hans Krondahls is characterised by bold colours and expressive lines. Since the 1960 he is recognised as one of the most important Swedish textile artists.

Textile, Spefåglar, 1959.
Ljungbergs textiltryckeri
NK Inredning

Textile, Captain Cook,
1968. Borås Cotton

Design, Cembalo

Design, Ginza, 1966

Design for rya rug, Jojk,
1977, Kalmar Läns

Design, Pacific, 1970,
Katja of Sweden

Design for rya rug,1962

Design for textile,

Design, Spefåglar, 1959

Textile, Vasco da Gama,
1968, Borås Cotton


1955-1957  Konstfack, Department for Textile Art and Design
1958-1960  Högre Konstindustriella skolan
1972-1973  Konsthögskolan, The Royal Academy, Department for murals



1959          Kungafondsstipendiet

1961          Kungafondsstipendiet

1963          Stockholms Stadsstipendiet

1965          The Lunning Prize

1973          Statens stora arbetsstipendium

2002          The Prins Eugen medal


Artistic career 

1961-         own studio for textile art and textile design.
Work produced for among others:

1959-1975  Textile designs for NK department store, Stockholm

1964-1974  Textile designs for Kalmar Hemslöjd

1970-1975  Textile designs for Katja of Sweden/MMT, Malmö

1974-1975  Textile designs for Argos Design Lts. USA


In the Designarkivet there are 431 sketches and 232 textiles by Hans Krondahl.


A few questions to the designer of the month

1. What are your current projects?


I am organizing my archive and correspondence from many years as a designer.


2. Can you describe your artistic style for an uninitiated person?


Quite individual and independent!


3. How would you like Designarkivet to use your sketches?


To care for and preserve them. To aid to research and studies and be positive about exhibiting them.

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